Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome To It

George has created a blog with links to his videos and installations.
Hoo-ray! Please do check out his elusive influences at the link above.

my marvelous friend Alee Peoples

A Drunk Ernest Hupeden, Ex-Con and Painter of Certain Secrets, Walks West by Brendan Codey from Alee Peoples on Vimeo.

moving and shelving rant

Over the past ten years, I have moved ten times. I didn't seem to get to far, but here goes:
  1. 2000- 765 Henry Street
  2. 2001- 160 Graham Avenue
  3. 2004- 733 Metropolitan Avenue
  4. 2005- 216 North 8th Street
  5. 2005- 145 Beadel Street
  6. 2005- 437 Union Street
  7. 2008- 153 Congdon Street
  8. 2009-  12 Cady Street
  9. 2010- 901 Main Street
  10. 2011- 117 Oak Street
Sometimes my friends and family think that my panicky responses to moving are abstract, unnecessary, over-reactive. I would say that no, my fears and stresses are quite concrete. Boxes break, storage spaces flood, roommates leave, rents raise, books and clothes accumulate, and all your worldly goods are exposed to, well, to the world. Friends have a limit on how often they can be tapped to help with this, and if you are a single girl who likes to read and have creature comforts and also makes art, well then you're in even more trouble. God forbid your parents are getting older, and want to help you, because the guilt and shame at needing to continually exhaust their favor is overwhelming.

Once you finally arrive in the new place you hope and pray you can afford, you may need all kinds of things you didn't before, and much of your old stuff just may not fit anywhere. In Brooklyn, especially. You feel like a chump, and a broke one at that- cause if you are an artist, hiring a UHaul and a couple of friends to help and getting all the loose ends tied up is expensive.

Oi, anyway, this time I have George, a full load of work, a studio down the road, and no bookshelves. 
So I've been looking at built ins, trying to get inspired...any favorites from below?

ok lets go

Makes me feel like I am 22 again, rolling around the east village slightly drunk in the early afternoon.
Happy weekend.

Friday, May 6, 2011

What The Hell?

What have I been doing? Where did I go? Moving into new apartment, new studio, and working for Bergdorf Goodman.  Here's a taste:

Blue Jeans Sculpture for Denim Week:

Commission for Alexander McQueen "Plato's Atlantis" vintage mirror mosaic headpieces:

Painting and styling "Water for Elephants" windows, Rosie The Elephant (before her ear was attached)