Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Ella's Wedding, this weekend, was excellent. We all cried during the ceremony, I think.We ate delicious barbecue
under the lollapa-wedding tent full of healing mud, some of us (me) were covered in mosquito welts,
some of us (George) played night time frisbee and a little horseshoes.It was really fun, and great to meet
some more of the VCU sculpture progeny. How I failed to take a picture of the bride or groom is beyond me,
but suffice it to say I'll never be hired as a wedding photographer.

Ai Weiwei

It seems as though Ai Weiwei may have been released on bail by the Chinese authority,
today. I hope he arrives home to his family safe and sound. We love you Ai Wei Wei.

JY1zdF on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Hip hip hooray for Ai Wei Wei!

Postscript: Some one at ArtInfo seems to have found my gif and linked it to my blog...awesome! There are other awesome art world gifs in their article here: the 25 wackiest art themed gifs

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

butterfly trays

I had no idea that butterfly trays are a thing. Now that I have one, they are popping up all over the place.
(The way things sometimes do). If I understand properly, they were mostly made in Rio in the 1920s through 
1940's, and usually have a mahogany inlaid tray frame. I guess mine is a bit of a weirdo, with it's chrome frame 
and all. Maybe it broke at some point and was re-made during it's tenure up in Maine.

Much like with the colorphilia post below, I recommend clicking on the picture to really
see them. Amazing wing mandalas. I practically dream about them.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


While scrolling through my iPhone pictures last night, I noticed a color-philic trend. It seems 
I just can't help it. I wonder how ShakeIt pictures look when they are printed...does anyone know?

I suggest clicking on them to see 'em bigger.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Open Studios Are Coming

On a more official note, I am pleased to be participating in the Northside Open Studios,
coming up soon on June 16-19th. There is more information about it here: open studios website.

I have also been invited to participate in a group show at Yes Galley here in Greenpoint-  
Wanderlust - opening simultaneously at Yes Gallery on India Street. Just a couple of collages,
but lovely to be invited.

Click the links, check it out!


My entries lately have been few and far between, but so be it. George and I took a roadtrip last weekend, all the way up the coast, to meet with thecurator at the University of Maine Museum of Art, in Bangor. It was really fun, and we will both have shows therenext year, in January. Fast approaching! We also had a blast eating lobster rolls, stoppingat Moody's Diner, posing with the largest Paul Bunyan sculpture in the US, and drivinghome down Route 1 so we could check out the early Memorial Day swap meets and junk-tique sales on the side of the road.