Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MoMA Card/Mr. Beuys

Yesterday I went to the MoMA to get an artists' membership. Who knew? For the price of
two admission tickets, any artist with a show in the last year can get a full membership to
MoMA and PS1. This includes all film screenings, discounts at the store and $5 guest passes
for friends. Awesome! Also, I now have a laminated card in my wallet from the Museum
of Modern Art that says "Brett Windham: Artist." I went into the store afterwards, and
looked for one inspiring image for the day. Here it is:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sneak Peek

Since I only have 8 followers, and they are all my friends, I thought a sneak peek might be in order. If I'm going
to have to work late into a Sunday night at BG, maybe I could show off my one-day-sculpture a little bit. In the spirit
of Alexander McQueen, Liz Taylor and my Aquatic-based holiday window, I made a Golddiggers of '33 style
bathing cap/helmet/headdress for my girl and her couture dress.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Speaking of Vampire Blues

One more week of work. And by that I probably mean one week straight.
Window 10– the center window on 5th avenue at Bergdorf Goodman–will
finally be finished, after working on it since March. And then, finally, off to
the studio for what remains of 2011. That little garret of a studio has finally
begun to beckon to me after months of nastiness and leaks and clutter and
construction and mice: I finally like it there a little bit.

But first, a little more time devoted to this guy:

Brilliant as he was, for the second time this year I find myself trying to concoct a 
worthy headdress for one of his dresses (or Sarah Burton's I suppose), and am finding 
that the surprisingly dry and slightly hateful Alexander McQueen monograph from 
the Met show is not helping me at all.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Required Listening: Vampire Blues

So I dropped off the earth.

 I did, I dropped off. I imagine I'll be back, but not until after Nobember 18th in earnest. New York is kicking my ass. Here are a couple of things that have been keeping me going lately (or for the past 6 months or more, really):

Iris Apfel

Dr. John

Sissy Bounce-where da melph at?

Movie Stills- The Piano

Movie Stills: Amadeus

Lee Scratch Perry

What the what the what is Liz Taylor wearing? I love it.
Nicki Minaj trying to detract attention from Grace Coddington.
Weird facebook pic from Fiorella...headdress!
Sto and Kelie from Cinders- it's been so nice to see them around lately.