Sunday, September 7, 2008

And Counting:

And Counting:

0 days until RISD starts.
1 pool house painted various shades of blue & white, floor to ceiling. 
1 apartment painted various shades of blue & white, floor to ceiling.
1 trip to the dump.
1 case of Carpal-tunnel in my hands from too much painting.
1 super-rad job at the nature lab.
1 super-rad brother who lifts & paints and does it all.
1 new Irish roommate, en route to Providence.
1 gorgeous retro Gitane Bicycle from mom, for tooling around.
1 Brand New Laptop. 
1 vietnamese sandwich shop discovered in a nasty part of town. 
2 awesome parents.
2 intrepid out-of-town- visitors.
2 trips to the beach.
2 flag projects underway.
4 trips to Radio Shack.
5 trips to Ocean State Job Lot.
37 nights since i've had a good night's sleep.
199 repairs attended to.

Untold bug bites.

with thanks to piloto de pruebas flickr stream for the photo. 

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Anonymous said...

what new laptop?

what bike?

what pool house?