Monday, December 8, 2008

Balm of 100 Lovers

"The artist Dario Robleto visited us here in Los Angeles last week. He has been collecting 50 pairs of lovers' heartbeats for a while now. He took this photo of me and my boyfriend of ten years, artist Jeremy Blake, recording each others' hearts in our Venice pad.

Hearing Jeremy's heart like this was amazing, like staring through a telescope at a vast and previously undiscovered world. The beats sounded so powerful, and yet so temporary. We are just another damn song....

Dario says he will record the beats when he is done on a vinyl record, which he then will turn into a petroleum jelly that the purchaser can rub over their chest to soothe heartache.

He is selecting the couples slowly and very carefully.

The piece will be called "Balm of 100 Lovers."

From Theresa Duncan's Blog
The Wit of the Staircase
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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