Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crossing The Finish Lines

There's such a weird emptiness attached to finishing a sculpture. I thought that embracing failure as a concept would encourage the whole process.

Unfortunately, no.

I still feel like I've done nothing to address the issues I care about, and then I start thinking about Thing Theory and wonder why I bother with objects at all. However, if we all start thinking like that, then who will make the art?

A New List for Spring:

The Surreal Bravo.

An Empty, Flattened Bag of Art Tricks

A Sawed-Off Object-Hood

Mountains to Failure, to Rock and Roll, to the Untouchable Art Star, To Drunkenness

To Big Rock Candy Mountain

A Backpack Barnacle

A Dirtbag Purse

A Thousand Zines Yet to Be Made

A Photo Record of All the Amazing To-Do-Lists

A Recollection of All the Unrealized Sculptures

A Bottle of Wine

A Private Dance in the Studio

A Faint Recollection of Dinner

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