Monday, June 29, 2009

in the studio

Piedmont. I have been fascinated by the stone walls, caves, and houses carved into boulders since I arrived at the beginning of June. This is a haunted place, with a strong history of witchcraft. I have been walking a great deal, shooting video in the crevices and caves around the mountain farm where I'm staying, and making drawings of myself in the guise of a witch, a Madonna and a queen. I have been drawing with raspberries and dirt. I have been feeling watched. I have recently learned that the part of Piedmont I am in is on an intense energy line axis, supposedly much akin to the Bermuda Triangle.

There is also a strong history of magic here. Turin and it's surrounding region is at the axis of two triangles. The city lies on the axis of white magic (along with Lyon, France, and Prague) and on the axis of black magic (which it shares with London and San Francisco). Magic, and superstition, seem to take precedence over any more organized religion.
It is a strange and challenging experience to have a studio in the midst of all this rich history. The link here seems to be the alchemist. The industriousness, the ego, and the curious mind of the artist all align with the desires of the alchemist. The alchemist and the artist alike are outsiders, expected to disappear into a mysterious laboratory and conjure something from nothing.

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