Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, Hi. There's that Part.

Now for the taking stock:

Studio visitors this semester:
  1. Kenny Goldsmith,
  2. Elana Herzog, sculptor
  3. Ellen Driscoll, sculptor, professor
  4. Dean Snyder, sculptor, professor
  5. Martha Schwendener, critic, village voice
  6. Lee Boroson, sculptor, profesor
  7. Joe Wolin, critic, time out new york
  8. Gregory Volk, critic and curator at large
  9. Luca Buvoli, sculptor
  10. Jöao Ribas, critic and curator, Drawing Center, MIT

Accomplishments since September:
  1. Sculpture completed: none
  2. Shows curated: one
  3. Papers written: four
  4. Catalogues created: two
  5. Essays written: two
  6. Artists Statements revised: two
  7. Dance Parties: one
  8. Applications filled out: none
  9. Meetings held: possibly in the hundreds
  10. Trips to New York: six
  11. Money spent on sculpture material: about $150
  12. Books read: part of one
  13. windows broken while I was in the room: twelve
  14. mirrors broken while I was in the room: two
  15. Drawings created: four
  16. Collages completed: twenty four
  17. Collages sold: fourteen
  18. Collages traded: should be two
  19. Commissions: two, both of which are minor
  20. Albums purchased: two (All Things Must Pass, Forge Your Own Chains)
  21. Movies watched in the middle of the night: like fifteen, I think
  22. Shows seen in New York: gotta be around seventy five.
  23. Really good conversations: five (Charlotte, Dan, Rubens, George and Allison)
  24. Lectures Attended: Four (Kenny G, Elana Herzog, Gregory Volk, Dan Cameron)
  25. Best Lecture: DAN CAMERON (more on that later)

Thinking about art and war and illness and homemade music and bird taxonomy.
One week from today this semester will be over.
I pledge that the next semester will go well, will be managed better.
There is no excuse not to make this work.
This grad school business is a privileged position, and I am about to get bumped out, back into the cold, with incredible concern.

The best thing to do now, I suspect, is to really try and enjoy myself for the next six months.
One of the Sophomores I TA for gave me this beautiful Moondog album to listen to in the studio. I can't stop. I think it might be the soundtrack til finals.

One Week to go.

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dell said...

Moondog is my favourite... Hi.