Wednesday, February 24, 2010

old work, new work

Drown, 2007-2010
fabric, monofilament, antique brass hooks,
real & artificial moss collected by hand, plaster,
glue, paint, suitcase, lights, cinefoil, electricity.
installation dimensions approximately 7 x 4 x 2 feet

It's funny how application season makes you re-examine what's in your studio. I made these sealskins in 2007, but I keep coming back to them and re installing them...trying to get closer to how I see them in my mind. Lately, that's been my primary studio occupation...trying to make physical those indescribable atmospheres in which I imagine my sculptures. I am getting closer, but I still don't have it quite right. I think maybe there is a section of architectural molding missing here...and perhaps some floor.


abby said...

the seal skins are amazing....

Handy said...

sounds like youre onto something. keep refining. it's a never-ending process, but it's what it's all about. the presentation of the unpresentable in terms of presentation itself!

Handy said...

ps: i like this a lot.

shorty said...

thanks guys.