Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where Have I Been? What the Hell?

Locale: Providence-Warren-Pennsylvania-Detroit-Niagara Falls-Providence-NY

Work: 3 New Sculptures: hate one, weirded out by the second, love the third one but have no time to finish it. One stop motion film in progress. COuld be something great, could be a flop.

Finale:Thesis show installation proposed and accepted.

Later: 4 Residencies applied for and rejected from.

Money Part One: 2 grants applied for and unknown

Money Part Two: bank account almost totally depleted

Summer: No Job, gotta get it together. Paint the old folks house.

Human Relations: friendships are primarily on hiatus

Text: Thesis: written, needs fine tuning.

Daily Mental State: Graduate School is swallowing me.


Madame Fortuna said...

well it's about damn time! have missed your updates. girl, come camp on the land for the summer! we have an empty airstream just waiting for you... and george.

shorty said...

that sounds like a damn fine idea.