Wednesday, August 4, 2010

trolling the net

Still sick, at home and glued to the laptop.
Found the following items:

Aleksandra Mir's Cold War
(Mir's postcard giveaways were some of my favorite things at the Venice Biennale)

Detroit Hair Wars
Birdcage, styled by Niecy Hayes, modeled by Neshia Sutton. Prep time: 1 hr

from Detroit Hair Wars Photos:,29307,2006008_2168675,00.html#ixzz0vhKgjIJL

Pretty Sure Olaf Breuning poached this one, but helicopter hair reigns supreme.

pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti (alphabet viewed best on image)

Savannah Region by Nicholas di Genova

Frustrating and unsuccessful attempt to skype with faraway boyfriend, resulting in slightly beautiful pixellated image.

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