Saturday, June 23, 2012

swooning in the heat

I love that there are fireflies on my block. Fireflies seem like an imaginary creature from childhood;
it's surprising to see them now. I caught one on my hand tonight, strolling, on my way for an
emergency italian ice.

On my way across Calyer Street with the firefly in my hand, I thought about the difference between
a stroll and a ramble. Strolling is safe, easy, relaxed. Rambling can be dangerous, darker with every
step. Rambling is persuasive, will try to convince you to walk forever, to walk into the river,
to walk into the cars.

Rambling can make you weave and stumble, to lose the lightfootedness so common to the stroll.
New York is good at turning a stroll into a ramble.

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