Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Cane

We survived the hurricane, the post-tropical-cyclone, the tropical storm, the winds, the floods, and the rainbows. 
In truth, we were very, very lucky. We live in Evacuation Zone B, surrounded on two sides (at each end 
of our corner-shaped block) by Zone A (very close to the water's edge, as any good New Englander should.) 
I've been swooning, bleary, coughing, out-of-it sick for five days, and barely knew what was going on. George 
saw the light from the explosion at Con Ed, we watched the tacky aluminum awning rip off the vinyl siding 
on the house next door, we shook in our bed, the tree hit our windows and our chandelier swung. We watched 
zombies on the laptop until we lost tv and internet. We drank lemon hot toddies until we ran out of lemon. 
Then we drank orange hot toddies. Very good. That's it. Very Lucky.

Today we walked around and saw the sights. Angry, wet street cats, branches, leaves, weird street detritus,
high high water lines and lots of gawkers. The gawkers streaming onto the pier in ill-chosen wild-weather garb,
looking down at their phones and buffeted by the still-gusting wind reminded us of the zombies from last night.
Best of all, all of the boards protecting vacant lots have been knocked down. The revealed openings look like
portals into worlds of green we never realized were there. Beautiful, weed-y, lush lots. I can also see who has
a back deck, a pool, a backyard- it's total Brooklyn Voyeurism.

Very, Very Lucky.

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