Sunday, May 2, 2010

1 Month Left

Well, I knew it would fly by, and it did. I have one month until I graduate. For my senior thesis project, I am building my own viewing booth for my first short video project. I don't like the art fair style booths they provide, so I am making my own. I knew it had to have a sculptural presence , and reference my research into magic and the carnival-esque.

A circus tent!
I made a small scale model to plan it out, and was helped by George to find a geodesic-Bucky Fuller building plan to create a pentagram shape...modern magic.

There will be two figures (the stars of the video) waiting outside to welcome visitors in through the triangular door. The intimate space inside will act as viewing chamber and reprieve from the cacophony of the Convention Center.

Here's one of the figures, showing a bit more (slow) progress than a couple of weeks earlier:

She's an old fashined girl, and will eventually be totally covered in a protective cloaking of colored hair extensions...braided and woven together. SHe will hold the space squarely between figure and object when she's finished. I am crazy about her, and she evokes so many things, fully spanning the scale from good to evil.


dell said...

I LOVE this cloak of hair extensions, she is incredible, can't wait to see it finished. exciting.

shorty said...

thank you dell!