Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Detroit, Revealed

Southpaw, 2010
5’ x 3’ x 3’
Pink foam, plaster, glue, paint, magic sculpt, blown glass, hand-quilted dropcloth, found stool, motion sensor, flickering bulb, electricity, teeth found in Venice and Piedmont in 1999 and 2009, respectively.

(Installation view with smaller works at Cave Gallery, Detroit)

Southpaw, 2010 (detail)

Installation view at Cave with work by (L to R) Brett Windham, Michael Bizon, George Terry

Southpaw is just a weird-ass sculpture. I think when I get it back from the show at Cave in Detroit I will work on it quite a bit more. Adding reeds as scaffolding seems likely, as does as neon orange spiderweb and a life mask of my face....I've been sitting on the images because I HATED it when I installed it, and I still am not crazy about it, but maybe it's good to just put it out there (if by "out there" I mean my blog which five of my friends read)...

It was accompanied in the installation by two collages and a little sculpture.

Alice (2007) and Harlequin (2010)

Bird Flu (2009)

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