Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1st Order of Business

Many moons ago, Dieter Roth came and turned things upside down at RISD. While I recognize that he was unabashedly radical, sometimes careless, and somewhat badly-behaved, I have since quite fallen in love. It happened at the show at PS.1 years ago, walking into the room where an annotated version of Gartenskulptur was on view. I'm sure many will see this show of work-table-boards-cum-bas-relief-sculptures as a secondary exhibition, but I can't wait.

Dieter Roth at the NYT

Dieter Roth Show at Hauser & Wirth


nellie said...

might not dieter roth (pronounced 'row' no?) be one of the loveliest names?
and his work, oh, so, blows me away


shorty said...

oh, yes, deeter row is truly a knock-out artist.