Monday, October 18, 2010

Totally Awesome Weekend

A re-counting of one of the best weekends in recent memory,
(even though I was totally sick and coughing non-stop)
where I :

1. got a brand-new iPhone, and am already addicted.
2. got a very relaxing pink pedicure, and no longer have busted toes.
3. had a very successful curatorial meeting with a man from Maine.
4. had champagne and my dad's homemade chowder
5. had a studio visit and hang time with the excellent James Foster.
6. enjoyed an old-school style evening of Schlitz at the Red Fez
7. watched the first Harry Potter movie in bed, on the projector.
8. was introduced to an original sandwich "The Weekender."

9. learned to ride a moped, and had so much fun I felt like a seven-year old. I was whooping it up through a church parking lot and down the beach road. I had an enormous goofy smile on my face for about an hour.

10. immediately proceeded to go on a long bike ride along the water with my honey, on my new bike. We found a beach shack at the end of the bike path where we could have stuffed clams while sitting on a bench.

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