Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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Hello and Happy New Year ( a bit belatedly, I readily admit).

Late in the evening (as is my habit) and in anticipation of a big snowstorm (set to begin in two hours) I return to my blog for the first time in 2011. I do realize that I have begun to address these posts to a mostly unknown audience, but lately have begun to wonder if they are still out there at all. Either way is OK with me.  In the interest of being able to find these later, I thought I'd post a link to these videos. I have been working for David Hoey, the Director of Windows at Bergdorf Goodman for year. It is a really special job. Many of my friends don't get what we do there, or how big a team work together to produce the holiday windows. Many of my other friends now work there too. Bergdorf serves as a surrogate somewhat-dysfunctional family and homebase, and much needed source of income for a real ragtag bunch of artists.

At best, these video links will serve as good material to tease me with in the new year, if you haven't already seen it. While I hope that the next time a video crew shows up I have brushed my hair, at least it serves as some evidence of my employ-ability, which is of some concern as I plot my move back to New York and lose sleep over an uncertain future. At the very least, I will be able to find these videos again with ease, so I can cringe at my nervous on-camera-voice whenever I want.


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