Monday, December 12, 2011

And Counting.

I am trying to prepare this piece, and it is giving me a hard time. Rosary is a project I have 
been working on (and off and on) for three years. Since I got into grad school. Since then, 
I have been picking up one object on my walk to the studio each day. There are rules to this 
practice, though, which have developed over time. The rules are:

Last night, I laid it out in the hallway at the studio. It grows constantly, and currently 
measures 84 feet long (so long! I was elated) and is comprised of monofilament, glass 
beads and 475 objects (only 475? I was depressed). 

365days pr year x 3years = 1095 total days-475 studio days = 620 non-studio days

This is not a great average. More than half my time was spent elsewhere? Crap!
Well, let's factor in the variables:

  1. vacations, birthdays
  2. travel
  3. months after graduation without a studio
  4. one studio that I drove to (Pawtucket, summer 2010, in my mother's car)
  5. months working a demanding day job (Bergdorf, ruining everything again)
  6. snow days where it was impossible to find anything
  7. days where I just plain forgot (hungover, late, stupid)
  8. days where I thought the project was finished, and had abandoned the practice
  9. sick days, heat waves
  10. bedridden angst days (I can't lie).

What a lot of complaining. So much to think about, so much desire to improve my stats. So much
trepidation about how to install this work in the show (I am not allowed to hang things from the
ceiling, the floor is CARPETED, the work looks best airborne- what to do? Hang it from the wall
in a straight line at eye level all the way around the gallery? With the rules propped up on the floor?)

I may continue working on this piece indefinitely.

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