Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the studio

All I do is go to my studio and lay in my bed thinking about going to the studio. 
With three weeks to go until I have to bring my show up to Maine, the stress in 
the air is palpable- I think at this point it might actually be visible to the naked eye. 

Last night, hours after I finished licking my wounds from an odd studio visit – and 
long after I first wanted to give up and go home – I made this plaster pillow. It is a 
headrest of sorts, a hard-cushion for a glass bowl. It is plaster poured into a zip-loc
bag, with a bowl placed to rest while it cured. It is idiotic and also strangely affecting 
to look at. It was worth wading through all of the brain clutter and staying 
just a little longer and a little longer to get it.

I like it so much – maybe just because my brain is tired. 

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Handy said...

I like it too. But I may be weird.