Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a Difference a Month Makes

My aura has changed. At the end of January (Aura on the left), my head chakra took over and tried to turn me into a foggy,
swampy pink ghost, caught up in a cotton candy cloud of my own anxiety and pensiveness. I was so internal that I
was barely moving, blood was barely circulating. Yesterday I went back to have another reading (Aura on the right), and my
root chakra was moving and shaking things up. I have energy and money and relief coming my way next month. But my
heart is still dark, dark dark dark. Where is the color over my heart?


Handy said...

Aparently, this type of aura is very volatile. In fact, it can change from one minute to another. So, rather than a view into your inner sould its more a view into your current mood. I'd like to do some experiments with this idea, to see if we can control the outcome of an aura photo. Game?

Brett Windham said...

Handy- I'm game.