Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Painting by Kime Buzzelli

The fabulous Madame Fortuna, AKA my astral sister, is going out to LA for a trunk sale of her drool-y jewelry on Sunday March 25th, 2-6 pm @ Model Citizen Studios!

Superstar and former purveyor of my favorite LA store (Showpony) Kime Buzzelli made her a gorgeous invite...

Madame Fortuna's not-so-secret mission from me is to scope it out & see if our future creative empire,  COLOR COMMUNITY, should be founded amid the sunshine and succulents of Southern California. March in New York is always rough, and this one might be warmer, but as usual I feel damp and broke and ready to bolt. But look at the colors from Ms Buzzelli! She's clearly not damp at all.


Paul Baxendale said...

DO IT! I think you and George would thrive in LA! Year-round sun= pretty awesome.

dell said...

Colour community member from afar?

Madame Fortuna said...

Let the Color Community COMMENCE!!!

I can totally see us soakin' up the sunshine astral sister... XOXOXOXO