Friday, July 17, 2009


So, Chiaverano is still creeping up and stange-ing out. We've had some really impressive thunder today. Wild thunder and lightening and rain pushing through the alps and hitting us hard. The power went out, lightbulbs popped.

Late this afternoon, I crept cautiously into my studio, to find the fuse had blown back here in the rear of the old farmhouse, too. Luckily, I have my own fusebox, but when I reached to open the shallow plastic cover, I realized that there was a LIVE BIRD smooshed up inside.

I have no idea how he got in there, and the door was closed. Sadly, never having been the cutthroat I should be, I released the little friend before I reached for my camera. It would have been a really strange image. The ensuing photographs and video are all that remain of our visit. After a long moment on the blue fruit packing sheets, eyeing me quietly, he lept up and flew outside. He is safely returned to his friends. I think his name was Bernard.

porta chiuso/closed door

aperto, con merda/open, with poop.

visito con Bernard /i visit with Bernard.

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