Friday, January 22, 2010

The Carnival Opening!

The Carnival show opened Thursday night, and I think everyone had a really good time.

George Terry, Banjo-Playing Minstrel for The Medicine Show,
Charlotte Pottter's performance. Adam Lucas lent us his beautiful banjo.

Matt and Brett seeing Eye to Eye through Charlottes' miraculous glass lenses. We were healed.

The Baloon Royale! Charlotte and Kim invited me to perform with them in the most bad-ass performance. I got over-excited and shrieked a couple of times, Charlotte did some biting, and Kim really just TCB''s the whole performance:

Only slightly silly. Totally therapeutic.

My excellent neice Paige Windham came to the show and after the performance, she asked if she could pop a balloon too. She's a natural.

The Carnival opening was a great success. And Mme Fortuna, here's the footwear for the evening...courtesy of Betsey Johnson and you...!

Many thanks to Mary Burge for inviting me to participate, and to Charlotte for being the best ringmaster I know. Sometimes grad school is totally awesome. Photos courtesy of Charlotte, Mary, George and me!

Photos of my difficult, elusive room-sized installation are forthcoming.

1 comment:

Madame Fortuna said...

oh girl god bless your soul.
i was admiring the very bellocq-esqe
outfit and them BAM you killed it with
the dreamy lemon shoes. it's like we've never been apart...
x's & o's and i can't wait to hear about it. congratulations you deserve it