Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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Before the show

For New Years Eve this year, my excellent friend and roommate Charlotte invited me to her family "Potters' 30th" party in Vermont. George and I had an epic journey driving up to Vermont through unbelievable snowstorms and traffic jams, toting wine, prosecco, strawberry-rhubarb pie and bags full of outfit changes. When we finally got to the party, it was in full force, complete with a champagne room and snow-covered outdoor living room. Incredible. I had so much fun when we got there that I forgot to take pictures.

The next night we all were invited to see her sister Grace's band. We all rallied and made our way into Burlington for the annual-secret-movie-themed New Years' Show. We were very graciously given VIP passes for extra fun. (Seriously, I love a VIP pass, it really greases the wheels). George and I ran upstairs before the show and helped out with some minor last-minute flightsuit patches, and had delicious cocktails and truffles with the manager, Ben, a total sweetheart. Grace Potter and The Nocturnals are fantastic, by the way. I have never seen them before, and it was awesome. I hope they go and get themselves good and famous. This year, the top secret theme was Top Gun. After the set break, they returned in costume and played the whole film soundtrack. Here's someone's very zealous video of the opener, from YouTube:

The sets and costumes were all finished and so cool by the time we got there, so hopefully, next year we will be invited back, and can get there earlier to help out. I am so happy that George and I got to go this year! It was incredibly fun, and the Potters are such great hosts and friends.

After the show

At some point, apparently, a bunch of RISD hooligans sat on the leopard print rug in the green room and played with the band's toys. Apparently, I have a very magical hand, albeit one that was bitten by sweet little Kick. Drunk-Orz.

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