Monday, January 18, 2010

new project

the leg is 3 feet tall, and the curtains are 9 feet,
but all's fair in HP photostitch at 2 am.

however, there is very little time left.
and so much must be accomplished:
  1. the sound file is finished, the stage is primed.
  2. there is so much more to do.
  3. the shadow puppets must be assembled.
  4. the glue must be painted onto the curtains.
  5. the swagging must be swagged, the wheels and the bike attached.
  6. the curtains must be hard, and must support themselves.
  7. the leg is operated by a pulley, because i don't know how to make things kinetic.
all will be made clear by thursday.
i must like all this pressure.
wish me luck.