Sunday, September 19, 2010


Last night GT and I went to see Jenny and Johnny (Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice) at the Met Café in Pawtucket, RI. Pawtucket is right next to Providence, and George and I have our studios there. The brand spankin' new Met Cafe is in the swank artist/music/condo/restaurant complex with the unfortunate title of "Hope Artiste Village." It's really a very nice place overall, but I find myself swallowing that awful middle word when I speak its name.

Anyway, when I was growing up, my friend Lilli and I would sneak off to Lupo's and the Met Café all the time to go see rock bands. The two were adjacent mama-and-baby clubs on Westminster Street in Downtown Providence. The spaces where they were located are now, respectively, nothing (Lupo's) and a fairly excellent-if-aesthetically-challenged black lady hair supply store (The Met). I loved growing up in Providence, and all the great music was a big part of it. Of course the whole time I was back in town for grad school there was a terrible, tragic dearth of good music to see (I remember TVOTR, Lucinda Williams and Snoop Dogg as the only big ticket items of interest over two years).

Well, now that the Met has re-opened I can waltz right up and buy tickets to see my favorite indie darlings on the eve of the show once more. One of the privileges of living in a little town between Boston and New York is that great bands sometimes stop and play on their way though, and you can see them without the crappy big city hassle (see: any show at Irving Plaza). Also, this club is just the right size.

And if you have a super new camera, as I do, you can take some pictures of the band. Jenny & Johnny are doing a real Gram & Emmylou type-of number, and they are doing it well.

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