Saturday, September 18, 2010

Moving House

Well, there's been no time for blogging. First, we moved. George leapt on the bed to make sure it would hold us. (and that's Josh Webb's beautiful eagle sculpture, knocked crooked on the wall.)

Then, I worked. I made a series of commissions for the new cafeteria at Bergdorf Goodman, (more on that later) George worked in Cape Cod and visited his family in Virginia, I started to teach art at a nearby prep school (just for a brief stint), and things moved FAST.

Once George and I were both home and free from insane deadlines, we could try to finish the poolhouse-living-quarters, and walk the dog behind the house.

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ct said...

It looks beautiful love! Perhaps interior design could be another side project for you. God knows you need more of those. Miss you tons! Love char