Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Susan at the Magic Club

Last night things looked bleak. I was hot, couldn't find anything I needed in my piles of suitcases, and was starting my second job at six pm. It looked to be a long evening. I discovered that I could make digital collages in front of my parents giant flat screen TV, though, and Desperately Seeking Susan was on. It was so good. I think it might be getting better with age or nostalgia. I happily counted the following people in their young and gorgeous punky days:

1. Madonna (young, wild-eyebrowed)
2. Rosanna Arquette (seriously stacked)
3. Adian Quinn (super-handsome)
4. John Turturro (already the best actor in the movie)
5. John Lurie (pre-crazy, playing sax through a curtained window)
6. Steven Wright (looked exactly the same, actually)
7. Laurie Metcalf (amazing makeup)

8. I think maybe Penelope Ann Miller (with what looked like an amazing Brooklyn- Grandma "Violet Wash" hair tint)

9. And some dude named Robert Joy who played Jim, the boyfriend. I remembered that I had a weird crush on him because I liked his hair.

Of course, the jacket is still totally boss.

I would like to note that I do realize that this post reveals my “Nerd Skill,” which was identified on a recent trip to Southampton. A Nerd Skill, as it was explained to me, is a slightly embarrassing and often unintentional ability to recall any type of specialized trivia (I think that definition is about right). My skill, obviously, is to remember the names of actors and films - and musicians. I can’t help it. For the record, I would love to trade some of this memory storage for some abilities in math, computer science, or entrepreneurial ideas.

Strangely, the kryptonite to this particular power is that I cannot remember the endings of things. I have no memory of the final act of books, plays, or films. I guess I keep watching things repeatedly because the end is always a surprise. And subsequently, the actors names are drilled into my head.

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